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Internet Download Manager (IDM) Setting

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| IDM | Clean IDM from Windows registry | Download IDM | Editing IDM in Windows Registry |
| IDM Indonesia | Integrate IDM | Registering IDM | IDM Settings |
| IDM Panel Settings | IDM FAQs | Uninstall IDM | IDM settings for Youtube |

Before setting IDM, please note the following:

  1. IDM must be the latest version & original version, not pirated/cracked IDM
  2. Get to know the type of file to be downloaded then check in IDM settings whether the file type is already in the list of files to be downloaded.

First step: Integrate IDM with the browser used

  1. Click the Menu Downloads > Options > General > Integrate IDM into the browser   check all browsers you want to integrate
    Opens the Options menu for IDM browser integration
  2. Click the File Types tab. Type the type of file you want to download, especially those that aren't on the default form, for example mp3 file types 001, 002, 003 and others
    Setting the file type to be downloaded IDM
  3. Click the OK button
  4. So every time we click on the file link in the browser, the download will go straight taken over by IDM

Second step : IDM Manual Settings

This method is actually not needed if IDM integration with the browser already successful.

If IDM integration with the browser is successful, then You just login to the filehoster site like Rapidshare, Hotfile, Filesonic, etc using username & Premium account password on the browser that has been integrated earlier. The premium account will be stored by the browser in its cookies, so as long as it doesn't log out, just click the file link that will downloaded, and the download will be done immediately IDM

But if IDM is still not automatically downloaded, do the manual settings as follows:

  1. Click the menu Downloads > Options
  2. The Internet Download Manager Configuration window appears
    Entering userlogin and password Filehosting on the Sites Login menu IDM
    (1) Click the Site Login tab
    (2) Click New
    (3) Enter the Site Server according to the premium Filehoster account that   You have it. The fields are as follows
    Filehoster Server/Path
    1Fichier 1fichier.com
    4Shared 4shared.com
    Alfafile alfafile.net
    Alldebrid alldebrid.com
    Ausfile ausfile.com
    Bayfiles bayfiles.com
    Bitport bitport.io
    Boxopus boxopus.com
    Bytebx bytebx.com
    Cocoleech cocoleech.com
    Cosmobox cosmobox.org
    Crockdown crockdown.com
    Daofile daofile.com
    Datafile datafile.com
    Deepbrid deepbrid.com
    Deltafiles deltafiles.com
    Depositfiles depositfiles.com
    Doraupload doraupload.com
    Download downloadani.me
    Dropbox dropbox.com
    Ex-Load ex-load.com
    Extmatrix extmatrix.com
    Faststore faststore.org
    Facebook fboom.com
    Downloader ffdownloader.com
    File file.al
    Fileboom fileboom.me
    Filefactory filefactory.com
    Filefox filefox.cc
    Filefox filefox.cc
    Filejoker filejoker.com
    Film filemass.net
    Filenext filenext.com
    Filer filer.net
    Filesmonster filesmonster.com
    Filespace filespace.com
    Filestream filestream.me
    Filetut filetut.com
    File upload fileupload.pw
    Fireget fireget.com
    Flashbit flashbit.cc
    Flashx flashx.tv
    Florenfile florenfile.com
    Fshare fshare.vn
    Gigapeta gigapeta.com
    Google Drive googledrive.com
    Grab8 grab8.com
    Heroupload heroupload.com
    Heroupload heroupload.us
    Hitfile hitfile.com
    Hotlink hotlink.cc
    Icerbox icerbox.com
    Inclouddrive inclouddrive.com
    Indoleech indoleech.com
    K2S k2s.cc
    Katfile katfile.com
    Keep2Share keep2share.com
    Keeptoshare keeptoshare.com
    Kenfiles kenfiles.com
    Koofile koofile.com
    Linkifier linkifier.com
    Lunaticfiles lunaticfiles.com
    Mega mega.nz
    Mexashare mexashare.com
    Mixshared mixshared.com
    Nitroflare nitroflare.com
    Novafile novafile.com
    Novafiles novafiles.com
    Offcloud offcloud.com
    Prefiles prefiles.com
    Prem prem.link
    Prembox prembox.com
    Premium premium.to
    Premiumax premiumax.net
    Premiumize premiumize.me
    Publish2 publish2.me
    Rapid8 rapid8.com
    Rapidgator rapidgator.net
    Rapidrar rapidrar.com
    Rarefile rarefile.net
    Realdebrid realdebrid.com
    Redfile redfile.eu
    Sakurafile sakurafile.com
    Salefiles salefiles.com
    Seedr seedr.cc
    Send sendit.cloud
    Sendmyway sendmyway.com
    Share-Online share-online.biz
    Simply-Debrid simply-debrid.com
    Simply-Debrid simply-debrid.com
    Smoozed smoozed.com
    Spicyfile spicyfile.com
    Subyshare subyshare.com
    Sunexenus sunexenus.com
    Takefile takefile.link
    Tezfiles tezfiles.com
    Turbobit turbobit.net
    Tusfiles tusfiles.net
    Upload upload.cd
    Uploadboy uploadboy.com
    Uploadcloud uploadcloud.pro
    Uploaded uploaded.net
    Uploaded uploaded.to
    Uploadgig uploadgig.com
    Uploadocean uploadocean.com
    Uppit uppit.com
    Upstore upstore.net
    Uptobox uptobox.com
    Userscloud userscloud.com
    Wdupload wdupload.com
    Wipfiles wipfiles.net
    Worldbytez worldbytez.com
    World-Files world-files.com
    Wushare wushare.com
    Xubster xubster.com
    Zbigz zbigz.com
    Zevera zevera.com
    Zippyshare zippyshare.com

  3. (4) Masukkan username account premium yang Anda miliki
    (5) Masukkan password account premium Anda
    (6) Ulangi memasukkan password account premium Anda
    (7) Klik tombol OK
    (8) Klik tombol OK
  4. Beberapa filehoster mengharuskan untuk mencentang Direct Link atau Direct Download atau semacamnya. Untuk itu silahkan login dan periksa apakah ada yang harus dicentang. Misalnya sebagai berikut:



  5. Fileserve

  6. Selesai

Sumber: http://www.internetdownloadmanager.com/support/shsdownload.html

| IDM | Clean IDM from Windows registry | Download IDM | Editing IDM in Windows Registry |
| IDM Indonesia | Integrate IDM | Registering IDM | IDM Settings |
| IDM Panel Settings | IDM FAQs | Uninstall IDM | IDM settings for Youtube |

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