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Questions and Answer about IDM

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Please click on the question tab below to get an answer

Version Trial can only be used for 30 days and some features are turned off, after the trial period has run out it must enter the serial number. Whereas the Full version is valid forever and its features can be enjoyed in full!

IDM is paid software, not free software. However, IDM does give time for you to enjoy IDM for 30 days. After that you have to buy a license key. How to get the serial number click how to order IDM

The 30-day trial period can only be enjoyed once, then, the IDM trial cannot be reinstalled into the same computer. Thus, you must immediately purchase a license key. How to get the serial number click how to order IDM

Using IDM crack/pirated is free, but there is a big risk that has fatal consequences for the security of your computer and money! Want to know the danger? Please click Danger of using IDM crack/pirated .

Moreover, the original IDM price is very cheap, ranging from 200-300 thousand for a lifetime. That's nothing compared to if your premium account that costs hundreds of thousands can be stolen all.

IDM packages are of 2 types, namely:

  1. 1 Year IDM Package

    This IDM package expires in one year from the date of IDM purchase. This means that after 1 year IDM stops working and asks to enter a new license key unless the license is extended for another year. In general, this license is a one-time payment too, unless you decide to make it subscription during the purchase process.

  2. Lifetime (Lifetime)

    This IDM package is valid for life (*), there are no monthly or annual fees, IDM will always be active.

    Regarding the issue of updates/upgrades, from the start up to now Tonec inc. never withdraw fees for updates/upgrades. But since 1 April 2016 Tonec inc. guarantee a free upgrade for 3 years from the date of purchase. Next is Tonec inc. plans to charge for updates/upgrades but Tonec inc. promises to be cheaper than when purchasing a new license. In addition, if the customer feels that he does not need an upgrade/update, then IDM remains active and can continue to be used.

Note: (*) Lifetime during IDM provides services. ViooMax is not responsible if at any time Tonec inc. stop the service.

1 License CAN ONLY be installed in 1 (ONE) PC/COMPUTER! Using IDM more than one device at the same time intentionally or unintentionally, the serial will be permanently blocked.

The intent is to install serials on more than one computer, for example, licenses are intentionally activated on office computers and also activated on home computers.

What is meant by accident is for example moving the serial from a computer to another computer but forgetting to uninstall it on the old computer, or the serial stolen by the hacker and the hacker using it on another computer.

IDM producers apply a number of rules that IDM users must not violate, violations of these provisions result in blocked IDM licenses. So the license is blocked because of the rules violated by the user.

One of the most commonly violated rules is the use of 1 license on several computers whether intentional or unintentional. Before buying, please ask customers to read the terms and conditions that apply in the use of IDM. By purchasing IDM from ViooMax, the customer is deemed to have read and agreed to the IDM provisions and ViooMax provisions.

Regarding the blocked license, unfortunately ViooMax does not have the authority to complain about the blocking decision by IDM. However, customers can ask or complain about IDM blocking through IDM customer service directly on IDM's support page. Based on our experience, for violations of the use of IDM licenses on several computers, customers are given one more chance by sending a new license directly by IDM. But if the violation occurs repeatedly, the user must purchase a new license.

IDM from us ALWAYS the LATEST version on the IDM website. On ViooMax, you don't know old stock, overstok, remaining stock, etc. ViooMax always presents the latest, the latest and the most up to date. To find out the latest IDM version please visit http://www.internetdownloadmanager.com/news.html

Customers will get a special download link + the original License Key via email. We do NOT send in physical form on CDs, DVDs or otherwise.

Why isn't it sent physically in the form of a CD/DVD? There are 2 main reasons:

  1. IDM Registration MUST be done via the internet (online), registration is directly connected to the IDM server.
  2. The size of the IDM is relatively small, which is only about 5MB so it's easy to download even with slow connections.
Thus, sending a CD using a courier service will only add costs and time without any benefit.

You will get an email with a special link to download the LATEST version of the IDM software + full original License Key/Serial Number which is registered exclusively with the customer's name and e-mail and is immediately registered on IDM's central server. Therefore, make sure the data sent at the time of purchase is valid data. Valid data makes it easier for customers to lose/forget IDM serial numbers.

If you already have a License Key, register the IDM serial number, how to click http://www.vioomax.com/doc/idm-registrasi.htm

We recommend that you uninstall it first, DON'T PLEASE, then install the latest IDM that you have downloaded through a special link found in the email sent by ViooMax

NO NEED! After the Windows is reinstalled, you can just install the IDM again and enter the License Key as usual.

CAN! How to move IDM to another computer :

  1. Uninstall IDM on an old PC. Make sure there is no trace of IDM on your PC and clean it up to the registry. DON'T BE THERE IS A LIVING TRACK . How to clean IDM from the computer registry click here
  2. Download the latest IDM from the IDM website
  3. Instantiate IDM on a new computer
  4. Enter your personal data and the serial number according to the data when you first registered.

CAN! If the computer/laptop is completely damaged and cannot be repaired, then there is no concern whatsoever, you leave the IDM installed and register on a new PC.
But if the damaged computer allows it to be repaired and can come back to life without need to reinstall, then you must be careful so that when you turn on it is not connected to the internet before removing the IDM. The point is not to detect IDM used on 2 computers at the same time.

The way to install IDM on a new PC is the same as when you intend IDM as usual, which is downloading the installer file, install it, and enter your name, email, and serial number.

YES! For customers who buy IDM for less than 1 year, they can ask ViooMax officers, for customers who have a purchase period of more than 1 year, how to get the IDM serial number back please follow the steps below:

  1. Click http://www.internetdownloadmanager.com/retrieve_registration.html
  2. On the form form "Please enter your email address here" enter the email used during the first IDM registration/registration (sometimes customers use a different email when buying and when registering IDM)
  3. Enter the read number in the captcha then click the SUBMIT.
  4. button
  5. Check your email because the IDM serial number will be sent to email

IDM is software to speed up downloads and NOT software to increase internet speed. Speeding up the download in question does not make your internet speed 5 times faster, but by using a dynamic segmentation system to download files so that the download process becomes effective.

The difference between IDM and normal downloading is how to download it. If the download uses a browser, the download is done from the beginning of the file to the end of the file in just one segment, while with IDM, the file is split into several segments then each segment is downloaded together and reunited at one finishing, which makes downloading using IDM more faster than downloading using a browser.

Please also note that download speeds are very dependent on the customer's own internet speed, and there is no difference between the speed of using IDM Trials and full IDM. To test internet speed please click how to test internet speed .

There are several things that make IDM unable to download videos from Youtube. Complete information and solutions click here

How to change the appearance of IDM to become an Indonesian IDM?

Click change the IDM language to Indonesian

The download button does not appear due to various reasons, information about problems downloading Youtube with IDM please click on here

When you open Youtube, IDM automatically detects the video can be downloaded in any type. It can be one video can be downloaded in the types of mp4, mpg, mkv, etc. and IDM will display all types of files that may be downloaded maximally so that users can choose the desired type. Therefore, if IDM only displays one type of video, it means that no other types have been detected, so only that can be downloaded. So please DO NOT COMPLAIN asking IDM to download another type of file.

| IDM | Clean IDM from Windows registry | Download IDM | Editing IDM in Windows Registry |
| IDM Indonesia | Integrate IDM | Registering IDM | IDM Settings |
| IDM Panel Settings | IDM FAQs | Uninstall IDM | IDM settings for Youtube |

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